Lesson 2 : The Enemy By Pearl S. Buck

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About The Story
The Enemy is a deeply moving story of a Japanese doctor and an American prisoner of war.
It reveals the conflict between loyalty to the country and a moral/professional duty to save
life , no matter the person in need of medical help is one’s own countryman or an enemy . Dr
Sadao had his house built on a rock close to the lovely beach . He has his wife and children.
He is an eminent surgeon as well as a scientist . He has discovered a medicine to keep the
wound clean so as to heal fast.
One day , he sees a wounded white man fainting on the sand . He carries the man to his
house . The wounded man Tom is bleeding. He needs an operation. As a nationalist, the
doctor is duty bound to hand over the enemy to the Japanese police . But as a doctor , his
first duty is to save the dying man’s life . Giving shelter and service to an enemy in war time
means inviting trouble , but the doctor takes a chance . He listens to the voice of his
conscience and medical ethics . He saves the enemy from death and even helps him move
off to a deserted island to make good his escape . The story has a powerful message of love
and service .

Characters :

  1. Dr.Sadao Hoki – A Japanese doctor trained by Americans
  2. Hana – Wife of Dr.Sadao Hoki, met in America, became good friends and married in
  3. Tom- An American War Prisoner
  4. Yumi – Maidservant/househelp
  5. Old gardener – Servant
  6. The General- Chief of Army,sick army general who needed an operation/surgery,
    trusted only Dr.Sadao
  7. Very short answer type questions:
  8. Who is Sadao ?
    Ans. Famous Japanese doctor and a
  9. Where was Dr Sadao Hoki’s house
    Ans. On a Japanese coast.
  10. What was his father’s chief concern?
    Ans. His education.
  11. At what age and where was Sadao
    sent by his father?
    Ans.At 22 to America to become a doctor.
  12. When did he come back from America?
    Ans. At the age of 30.
  13. Why was Sadao not sent abroad with
    Ans. Old general needed him for an
  14. Where had he met Hana first time?
    Ans. In America , at professor Harley’s
  15. Who refused to wash a white man ?
    Ans. Yumi, the maidservant of Dr.Sadao.
  16. Who washed the wounded American
    War Prisoner ?
    Ans. Hana – wife of Dr.Sadao Hoki.
  17. What kind of lady was Hana ?
    Ans. Kind and helpful.
  18. Who served Sadao since he was a
    little boy in his father’s house ?
    Ans. The cook and the gardener.
  19. Why did servants leave the Sadao’s
    house ?
    Ans. Not agree with the idea of helping
  20. What was put in the boat for Tom?
    Ans. Food and extra clothing.
    Short answer type questions:
  21. In what condition was the American sailor when Dr Sadao found him ?
    Ans. He was wounded , weak and pale . He had a wound of a gun and the bullet stuck in
    his wound . He was almost at the verge of death .
  22. How did Hana help Dr Sadao?
    Ans. She washed the wounded enemy with steaming hot water. She helped Dr Sadao
    while the operation was on.
  23. Why was Dr Sadao not sent abroad with the Japanese groups ?
    Ans. He was a famous surgeon and scientist . The old General of Japan needed him if
    he could require a surgery anytime. The General had full faith in his abilities as a surgeon.
  24. Why did the servants leave Dr Sadao’s house ?
    Ans. When they knew about the enemy soldier, they were frightened. They didn’t want Dr.
    Sadao to give shelter or operate the wounded enemy soldier as it was against the loyalty
    for the country.
  25. What dilemma did Dr Sadao face ?
    Ans. The keeping of enemy at his house became the cause of tension , stress , trouble
    and fear for Dr Sadao and his wife. All his servants had deserted him.
  26. Why did Dr Sadao treat the American soldier even though it was an unpatriotic act on
    his part ?
    Ans. He was both a dutiful and an humanitarian doctor . He thought it as his moral urge to
    save his life . Though it was an unpatriotic act, he showed sympathy for the patient.
  27. Long answer type question:

  28. Ques. How did Dr Sadao succeed as a doctor as well as patriot ?
    What impression do you form about Dr Sadao?
  29. Answer:
    · famous surgeon and scientist
    · Dutiful and true doctor
    · Harbours an American in his house
    · Ignores personal risks
    · Doesn’t handover the enemy to the police
    · Overflows with human kindness
    · Faithful and regards Japanese culture and traditions
    · Marries Hana when becomes sure she is Japanese
    · Informs the General about the American sailor
    · Sets an exemplary example for other human beings
    · Really a Japanese by birth and a doctor by profession
    · Helps the white man escape