key point

 The poet has depicted the mental condition of a caged tiger and compared the life of a tiger in the zoo and in its Natural Habitat.
 The tiger is enraged and stalked inside the cage. 

The tiger gets fed up of visitors during the day and the noise of patrolling cars during the night. 

He hopefully looks at the bright stars with this bright eyes yearning for freedom. 

In his Natural Habitat the tiger is Fearless and lurks to hunt his prey.

In his natural habitat he snarls and terrorizes the people baring his white fangs.
 Freedom is life.

Metaphor : pads of velvet

Personification : ‘ he’ used for tiger

Repetition : velvet quite , quite range, brilliant eyes ,brilliant star

Alliteration : behind bars

Rhyme Scheme : abcb in first, second, third and fifth stanza.


1.How does the tiger feel inside the concrete cell of the zoo?

2. Describe the tiger in his natural habitat.