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Dictionary meaning of debate is: argue about (a subject), especially in a formal manner.


It is method of argument with the fellow debaters. The debater not only argues but tries to influence/persuade the audience to adopt his point of view by using emphatic language. The debaters put their points forward on the topic either in favour or opposition of the motion.


Start with catchy introduction

Formally address the audience

Introduction of the topic and stance: Either in favour of or Against


Formal thanks

Marks scoring techniques

Formal Address + Formal Thanks

Content: (logical organization, relevance). Credit should be given for the candidate’s creativity in presenting his/her own ideas.

Expression: Accuracy, Grammatical, appropriate words & spelling Fluency, coherence and relevance of ideas and style

Common phrases

‘I strongly feel that…’,

‘I would like to draw your attention to…’,

‘May I ask all present…’,

 ‘I wholeheartedly oppose/support…’,

‘In my opinion…’



Respected Judges, Principal , teachers and friends, I am here to present my views for / against the motion—–


Respected chair person, members of jury, worthy opponent. My name is–(name)—-. I am a student of class X/ XI/XII. Today, I want to present my views against / for the motion on the topic———–


Honorable Judges and my dear friends, Today I stand before you to express my views in Favour or against the motion———–


  • Therefore/thus, I would like to end my debate by strongly supporting / opposing the idea of ————————–Thank you.
  • I would like to close by supporting/opposing ________________ Thank you for paying a patient hearing.
  • I would like to thank the audience for hearing my views. I would like to reiterate the support/opposition____________


  1. Write all important points in rough sheet so that you don’t forget any point. This will help in sequencing and arranging too.
  2. Avoid grammatical errors. Proofread your writing twice.
  3. Leave the lines between the paragraphs as and when required so that your debate is readable and presentable.
  4. Underlining the main points with pencil. Don’t use red/purple/black pen color. It is advised to do it after finishing your exam.
  5.  Always have a few general quotes in handy. They help in presentation and shows that you’re prepared
  6. Read/watch/listen a lot of debates to get an idea.
  7. For the preparation have information about the major environmental, political, social issues that have taken place during the entire year.


  1. Do not mention your personal details, i.e., name, school name or address.
  2. Follow the right format and make paragraphs. Arrange the idea in sequence.
  3. Never use slangs or short forms. Eg. Dope, OMG etc
  4. Don’t use the facts you are not sure about. Write correct facts only.
  5. Do not to exceed the prescribed word limit of 150-200 words.
  6. Do not invest more than 15-20 min in writing debate.
  7. Don’t submit the paper without proofreading.

Sample debate


Suggested Value Points


● Connectivity

● Updated Information

● Helps in creating awareness

● Helps in bonding



● Social Nuisance

● Fake news & Information

● Wrong mob mentality

● Wastage of time

Debate topics

  • Detention should be abolished.
  • Religion should be taught in schools.
  • Plastic bags should be banned.
  • Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service.
  • All people should be vegetarians.
  • Smoking should be banned in all public places.
  • People should be legally required to get vaccines.
  • Social media has improved human communication.

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