key point

 On a winter day the poet was standing under the snow covered hemlock tree which is poisonous. 

A crow sat and shook the branch of the tree and the dust of snow fell on the poet. 

However, this simple small beautiful act of nature had a very comforting and relaxing effect on him where earlier his mood was sad gloomy and despairing.
 The falling of the snow made him realise that the whole day has not been wasted. 

Theme –Nature healing and helping with negative human emotions .

Hope is one of the themes in this poem. Lastly, the poem gives the message that small natural incidents in life can change our attitude from negative
to positive.

Poetic Devices- Alliteration-‘saved some’ sound of ‘s’ ‘Has given my heart ‘ sound of ‘ha’ 

Rhyme scheme-abab
1.What does the poet Rober Frost want to convey through the poem “Dust of Snow”?

2.How has the poet observed ‘nature’ in the poem “Dust of Snow”? “And saved some part of a day I had rued”.

Small things in life make significant changes in our lives. Elaborate with reference to the poem