The author Liam O’flaherty displays the importance of family and friends in overcoming the fears in our life through the story of a young Seagull who was unable to take his first flight.
 A family of seagulls had mother, father, three sons and a daughter. 

The youngest son was fearful to take his first flight as he believed his small Wings would not support him, also he was afraid of the height of the Cliff from the Sea.
 The parents cajoled him and kept him hungry to let him learn a lesson.

 When the young Seagull couldn’t take the Hunger and heat anymore the mother Seagull brought a piece of fish near him.
 The young Seagull tried to grab the piece from his mother’s mouth. In doing so he reached the edge of the Cliff and fell from there as the mother Seagull moved away from the edge.
 Initially fear hovered him but soon he flapped his wings and soared and finally landed on the green sea taking his first flight.


The whole family rejoiced and cackled. Why did the baby seagull not take his first flight?
Describe how the baby seagull took his first flight.



The narrator Frederick Forsyth was flying his Dakota from France to England to meet his family in holidays and enjoy a good English breakfast with his family.
 When he flew at night the sky was clear and as instructed by Paris control he turned 12 degrees West.

 When he was about 150 kilometres away from Paris his saw the approaching storm. 

He took the risk and flew into it. The compass and other instruments stopped working.

 The plane tossed and twisted in the air and he couldn’t contact Paris control

. Suddenly a black aeroplane appeared without lights on its wings.
 The pilot waved him and signalled to follow him.

It was strange that he flew for halfn hour even when he had fuel left only for five or ten minutes.
 Suddenly he saw the Runway and landed safely.

He wanted to thank the pilot of the black aeroplane but was shocked to see no one there.
 He went to the control room to enquire about him but found that no other aeroplane except his was there in
the sky that night. He was awestruck at the miracle.


Q.1 Why did Anne think of writing a diary?

Q.2 What joke did Anne play with the help of her friend on Mr. Keesing?