The inauguration ceremony of the first non-racial government was held in the Union Buildings in Pretoria

.  Politicians and dignitaries from more than 140 countries attended the ceremony. 

Nelson Mandela was then sworn-in as the President of Republic of South Africa. 

For decades South Africa had been the seat of white supremacy .

The blacks were considered as outlaws. 

Their victory over “apartheid” was a common victory for justice, peace and freedom. 

Nelson Mandela was overwhelmed with a sense of history. 

The society based on racial discrimination was the harshest and the most inhuman society in the world.

 The decades of oppression and exploitation of the blacks produced- heroes like Tambo’s, Sisulu and others in South Africa.
 Mandela learned the meaning of courage which does not mean absence of fear rather it means victory over fear.
 Every man has twin responsibilities / obligations – towards his family and for his people and country.

 If any black tried to live like a free human being, he was punished and isolated from his family and community.
 Mandela realised that not only he but his brothers and sisters were deprived of freedom.

 His desire for the freedom and dignity of his people made him a rebel. He realised that freedom is indivisible.

What did Nelson Mandela pledge when he was sworn-in as President?

  1. What is the greatest wealth of a country according to Nelson Mandela?
  2. What are the two obligations every man has in life?
  3. What according to Mandela is “true freedom”?
  4. 5Why did Nelson Mandela feel that both the oppressor and the oppressed are robbed of their humanity and
    hence both of them must be liberated?