Grade 11 Date: __
Albert Einstein at School
(Patrick Pringle)
About The Author
Born 1935, in Rochester, NY; children: (first Laurence
Pringle marriage) Heidi, Jeffrey, Sean; (third marriage)
Jesse, Rebecca. Education: Cornell University, B.S., 1958;
University of Massachusetts, M.S., 1960; Syracuse University,
doctoral studies, 1960-62. Hobbies and other
interests: Photography, films, sports, surf
fishing. He has been a freelance writer and
photographer, wildlife biologist, and
The excerpt has been take form his book- TheYoung Einstein.
Genre: Biography

Theme: Einstein and his thoughts about education. Education is not the
cramming of facts.
Setting: Munich
Characters: Albert Einstein- Likes to play violin, has limited friends, wants to study but doesn’t
want to cram, he has very futuristic philosophy about education.
Yuri: Einstein’s only friend. He consoles Einstein. He arranges for a doctor to make a fake
medical- certificate. For Einstein, he is only hope in the city.
Elsa: Einstein’s cousins. Albert likes her company. She has traditional views about education.
She thinks that cramming can help Albert pass the exam.
Eventually, Elsa married Einstein.
Mr. Koch: He is the Mathematics teacher of Einstein. He admires
Albert and likes him. He is sure that Albert will achieve heights in
future. He writes a reference letter for Albert.
Mr Braun: The History teacher of Albert. He doesn’t like Albert at
all. He mocks him. He thinks that Albert is disrespectful. He
believes in cramming the facts.