Lesson Is A Short Part Of Anees Jung’s Book –
Lost Spring
Writer Talks About The Pitiable Condition Of Poor Children Who Have To Live In Slums And Work Hard In Very Dirty Conditions.
They Never Sent To School Because Their Parents Are Too Poor To Pay For Their Education.
Narrator Examines
The Poverty And Traditions Which Torture The Lives Of Poor Children.
The Lesson Is Divided Into Two Parts.
The First Part Is About T
he Life Of Poor Ragpickers.
Who Have Migrated From Bangladesh
And Now Settled In T
he Seemapuri Area Of Delhi.

*Main Character In This Story
Saheb (Ragpicker) :-
Actual name Saheb e – Alam.
He is a Ragpicker in Seemapuri.
His family left Bangladesh as their homes had been swept due to flooding.
They came to India from Bangladesh in the hope of finding a good life.
Saheb lives in Seemapuri.

Walks on barefoot.


Important questions

  1. Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry?
  2. How in your opinion can Mukesh realise his dream ?
  3. what forces conspire to keep the workers in bangle industry?
  4. Character sketch of MukesH

Important questions

  1. Garbage to them is gold why does the author say so about the ragpickers?
  2. Food is more important for survival than an identity for the ragpickers says the author. Do you agree? Why?
  3. Where does the narrator anees jung encounter saheb every morning?
  4. What is saheb looking for in the garbage dumps ?
  5. What is the irony in the name saheb-e-alam?
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