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Picture Composition and Story Writing

Picture Composition

  • You can be asked to describe the picture


  • Write a story based on the given picture


  • to describe the thoughts and feelings as portrayed in the picture.

Start by writing the overall feel. Then start describing the characters and the setting of the picture. Craft an imaginative story if need be. Elaborate on the feelings and expressions of the people present in the picture.


1. Introduction: A brief introduction of the picture, what it suggests, and its effect on the people and the environment.

2. Body/ Context: Give a detailed explanation of the picture, touching all the nuances.

3. Conclusion: Round of the thought to bring the picture composition to the end. Return to the specific subject.

Elements of Story Writing

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Theme
  • Plot
  • Structure
  • Point of View
  • Language and Style

A story has: Beginning, Middle and End

Structure of a story

Noted story writer Edgar Allan Poe has explained in very simple terms that a short story has three parts.

Beginning: The Characters usually meet in the beginning.

Middle: In the middle, the characters encounter a crisis that seems to overtake them.

Ending: The crisis gets resolved in the end.

Stages in Plot and Structure

Exposition: The start of the story, the situation before the action begins.

Rising Action: The series of conflicts and crises in the story that leads to the climax.

Climax: The turning point, the most intense moment in action.

Falling Action: Action which comes after the climax and moves toward the resolution.

Resolution: The conclusion and tying together of all threads.


Internal                                                    Interpersonal

                        Human vs Self                                              Human vs Human

                                                                   Human vs Nature

                                                                     Human vs Society

Character Types

Protagonist: The main Hero whose story is usually told / from whose point of view the story is to be understood

Antagonist: The character that stands in opposition to the protagonist.

Supporting Character: A character that plays a part in the plot but is not major.

Minor Character: A character in a bit/ cameo art.


The location and time of a story are what we call “setting”. The setting is the physical details of time and place often have metaphorical value.

The setting includes the following:-

The geographical location (for e.g. Shimla, London, Moon)

The time period (for example, 1920, during World War I, the day)

The socio-economic characteristics of the location (for example, wealthy suburbs, poverty)

The specific building, room, and so forth (for e.g. a log cabin, a bus, a military base)

Marks distribution

Format: 1 Mark

Content: 2 Marks (This includes the appropriate use of the prompt)

Expression: 2 Marks (Grammar and punctuation included)

Tips to write well

  • Provide a suitable title.
  • The narrative should be in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person.
  • Time, location, context, and atmosphere should be described to create imagery.
  • Meaningful dialogues to be used. Dialogues should have expressions.
  • Show don’t tell. Reveal your character and setting through dialogues.
  • The plot of the story should be interesting. It can include the following -Story line, Action, Conflict, Climax, Resolution of the conflict, etc.
  • Don’t cross the word limit.
  • Write legibly.

Verbal Prompts for Story

  • Irene gripped her mom’s hand harder as they walked through the doors of the imposing gray building. Her mom had promised her they’d never have to come here again, but…
  • As soon as I boarded the train, I began my letter to my sister. I did it. I sold everything and am on my way to…
  • You’re standing in line at a coffee shop when you spot a shiny coin on the ground. You bend down to pick it up, but a big black boot stomps down on it just before your fingers grasp it. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a deep voice warns.
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