 Miss Mason gave the shocking news that Wanda and her family had decided to settle in a big city to avoid humiliation.
 Maddie was very upset and felt herself coward as she never stopped Peggy from making fun of Wanda. 

Every student felt sorry for Wanda. 

Maddie and Peggy went to find Wanda at her house at Boggins heights. 

They could not meet her as she had already left the place with her family.

 Peggy tried to defend her behaviour but Maddie was not happy for all of that.

 Peggy and Maddie wrote a letter to Wanda telling her she had won the contest. 

After a very long time Wanda wrote a letter to Miss Mason telling her that she missed her old school and her teacher and wanted to gift special drawing to Peggy and Maddie, a green dress and a blue one respectively.
 Both Peggy and Maddie found their faces in the green and blue dresses respectively. 

Maddie felt sorry for her behaviour and promised herself not to be a silent spectator anymore ever if she was to lose her close friend.
 Peggy consoled her by saying that Wanda liked them.


What impression do you form of Wanda on the basis of the lesson the hundred dresses?

2. How did Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father? What did she want to do