Beautiful things are a source of eternal joy; provide mental peace; uplift our glooming souls; provide hope, contentment and comfort. A beautiful thing never moves into emptiness. It has a long standing impression, not subject to time. We experience the divine feeling. We are despondent due to lack of noble nature/because of gloomy days and unhealthy and over-darkened ways. In spite of all his troubles and trials, man still loves life and seeks joy from beautiful things of nature. Any manifestation of beauty removes all sad thoughts, has a soothing effect and lifts our spirits. Blissful shapes of beauty—Sun, moon, shady trees, daffodils, streams with clear water, blooming musk rose etc.  The old and young trees provide shade to all.  Daffodil flowers spread beauty and charm in the green parks.  Rills or small streams cool the surroundings on a hot summer day, providing a pleasant environment.  Mid-forest brake is rich because of the musk roses that grow there spreading fragrance and beauty. John Keats considers ‘lovely tales’ of mighty dead an endless fountain of immortal drink and associates ‘grandeur’ with the ‘mighty dead’ because splendor of their deeds inspires us and exerts divine influence like a fountain, springing from the
edge of heaven.